How SEOs Work With Sales Team To Grow Any Business


We all heard about the tales of how the Sales and Marketing team work together. There is no much difference between Sales and Marketing because their primary goal is to grow the business.

But many of the folks don’t know how the SEO and Sales team work together to grow business. Interacting with the sales team in a regular period can help the SEO team to create a next-level roadmap for marketing tactics.

If you are working in-house or at an agency, Follow these simple tips for the mutual collaboration SEO and Sales team.

1. The Right Audience

A strong SEO strategy takes more than increasing website traffic. For that, we need to bring our website in front of the right folks. This is the place where SEO teams and Sales should work together. Foundation of any strong SEO strategy is Keywords research. For perfect Keywords research, we need to spend hours to discover the possible search term and its volume. But having direct input from the Sales folks can surely change the game and will take your SEO strategy into a whole new level. Getting the correct input from the Sales folks can help the SEO teams to uncover the potential gaps in SEO strategy because the Sales folks always talk with the customers regularly.

2. Understand The Process

While dealing with a customer who knows SEO and having a solid understanding of the sales process is vital. In this scenario, SEO folks need to make the conversion regularly with the sales team to ensure that they fully understand how the sales team is working with Targeted audience, challenge, Key decision, Common issue and RIO etc.

It’s is very important to understand the constantly changing customer behaviour especially during the time like this, where the companies are trying to adapt to today’s unknown business environment.

The sales team should be aware of the modern trend of Digital Marking and how digital marketing can bring the leads

3. Creating Content

SEO Keyword research and the roadmap are things which need to share with the Sales team so they can share their feedback which will be very helpful for the SEO team to avoid the common concerns because they know the better nature of the customer and how to strengthen the existing relationship.

In mutual collaboration, the SEO team can craft a perfect content for the website to rank in Google.

4. Tracking & Testing

Tracking the Website regularly can help us to understand how user conversion is happing. We need to set up Google Analytics and Tag Manager on our website. To understand conversion and also we could understand whether the customer is taking any actions on the website.

By understanding the data which we have collected through Google Analytics and Tag Manager we can analyze it and change the strategies as need.

The most important aspect of sales and SEO folks is to make sure that they have collected the data needed to the report progress to make informed decisions and adjust your strategy ongoing.


Even if you are working at an agency or in-house communicating with sales folks is the key to take the SEO strategies to the next level.