Here’s How You Can Increase Your Article’s Search Engine Discoverability

Before you begin, it is extremely important to do some serious keyword research. In order to dominate the search results, it is important to figure out which words your audience is searching for. These are the things you should be writing about and the keywords that are to be used in the text. Once you’re done with your keyword research, you need to have a list of focus keywords.

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A Few Tips to Have a Higher SEO Ranking

  1. Think carefully about what message you want your piece to convey and what central question you want to answer. In order to get an insight into this, for the search term you want to rank with, take a look at the search results.
  2. The next most important thing to be done is to devise a clear structure for your post. First of all, you must introduce your topic. Then, there must be a body in which the main message is written. And finally, there should be a conclusion in which you draw a conclusion or put in a nutshell all the main ideas.
  3. It is crucial to use paragraphs and headings well. You have to ask yourself what the main idea of each paragraph is, and you must be able to summarize it in one sentence. If you cannot summarize it in one sentence, it simply means that you need to use more paragraphs. Make sure that you use proper headings to let your readers know what each part of your text is about.
  4. Make use of transition words. It will help improve the readability of your text and indicate the relationship between sentences and paragraphs. For instance, if you have three reasons why someone should buy your product, use signal words like “first of all’, “secondarily,” and ‘finally’. Similarly, words like ‘however’, ‘similarly’, and ‘for example’ provide clear signals to the reader. In order to add structure to your text, transition words play quite an important role. To indicate that a conclusion is coming up, use words like ‘to sum up’ and ‘in short’.
  5. Using only a single focus keyword in your content repeatedly can harm your search rankings and make it less appealing to your readers. It is through synonyms and other related keywords that Google understands the topic of your content.
  6. It is important to optimize the length of the article. The optimum post length for an article would be around 2250 to 2500 words in order to have a higher search engine ranking. If the post is long, it is likely to generate more quality backlinks and thus affect ranking factors.

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