Is It Better To go With Blogger Or a WordPress Site In 2019?

WordPress and Blogger sound the platform for the same intention, but they were different in its action. Blogger is owned by Google and WordPress is an opened Platform. The question regarding the people who are going to work in 2019 with Blogger or with WordPress remains unanswered. The way you treat both the platform will decide, which will give you the best in 2019. As the WordPress contains lots of plugins, whereas the blogger is treated by HTML codes to support its platform. Let us discuss how blogger and WordPress treat audience in 2019.

WordPress vs Blogger – Which one is better?

>> While Optimising with Ads

The approach of optimizing with Ads sounds same, but the easy plugins at WordPress and the theme access sounds good for WordPress. On the other hand, converting the HTML to an XML code is a big task in blogger and if any error occurs, reverting to the true position is hard in blogger platform. However, the blogger templates are supporting the ads sounds distinct with respect to the templates. Rather in WordPress, the action of the plugin supports as many ads.

>> In terms of SEO

As said, blogger is a platform owned by Google, they can shut down our site at any simple mistake if we moved. However, the WordPress got some limitation in digging down our site. Google can eliminate from the search results, but can’t dig the website down. However, the spammy SEO optimized sites in both the platform of WordPress and blogger should make some precaution. If the author of the blog has the intention to sell their products via Google AdWords or via ranking the sites, the spammy SEO can increase site authority, but search results and AdWords action will be complicated.

>> For Personal Action

While if you are planning for a successful blogger or wish to become an entrepreneur, start the blogging career in 2019 with blogger platform sounds good while comparing with WordPress. As per the latest Google Adsense algorithm, in order to get a Google Adsense to account as well to make the visibility of the ads on you any niche sites to get appear, need 6 months Age.

In meantime, you can build yourself as a perfect blogger. During this 6 month, you need nothing to pay for the website hosting fee for blogger platform. Whereas the WordPress is a paid one, you have to spend big money just for studying Web Developing as well as content writing. Even though, once you craft yourself as a successful blogger, you can migrate your website from Blogger to WordPress with the free migration process.


So, for 2019 it’s your choice to stick with Blogger platform or start from the scratch with WordPress itself.