The Four Cornerstones of SEO

SEO, search engine optimization is widely heard phrase now. But there are still people who are not aware of the term and how it is beneficial to your business. SEO is basically getting a website to the top of search engines like Google, so that it gets more hits and visitors, thus enhancing your business growth. While it may sound simple and easy, it is not that easy as it sounds. There goes so many behind the scene works to make this a successful end result. Here we are mainly going to concentrate on the four cornerstones of SEO.

Effective SEO should be underpinned by:

  1. Website content must be useful to achieve your target market or audience.
  2. Website structure, so that it allows your content to be found and is located easily by surfers and robots.
  3. Website promotion that maximizes the visibility of your content and thus the site.
  4. Measurement and management which will enable continuous improvement.

Even though it was simply explained in a line, each one of these four cornerstones can be the subject of a separate strategy. What you should understand is dealing with website content is not at all as simple as creating it, publishing it on your website and inserting keywords throughout the site. How you organize the content of your website into different pages and how the navigational hierarchy of the site is decided may make or break its effectiveness from a search marketing perspective. The internal linking structure between the pages within a site can also make a big difference to rankings and help your visitors find the content that is most useful to them.

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