Why mobile applications are important for your brand

In today’s digital era, mobile apps play a crucial role in today’s business world. Several small businesses enterprises and their dedicated apps, there are various reasons why one’s business should invest in mobile app development. Firstly, a leading online statistics portal showed that in 2017, more than 178 billion apps were downloaded, and this figure will reach around 258 billion in 2022, which is an approximately 45% rise. It reports showing that by 2021; mobile apps may hit a profit of more than $188.9 billion. Secondly, by the year 2020, Google Play will reach nearly 166 billion apps, and iOS will get up to the number- 35.2 billion apps. Thirdly, In the last few years, the total time spent on android mobile devices per day has increased by more than 500%. And, 80% of the time that people send on the phones is spent on one or the other app.

These figures clearly show why Mobile App Developers Kerala is strengthening in the latest market. The regular consumers are now mainly focused on taking the help of mobile phones to shop, browse keywords, entertain, gain specific domain knowledge, etc. rather than using bulky laptops or PCs. Apps provide an excellent user experience. The Mobile App Developers Calicut industry is growing mainly because various mobile apps provide significant benefits for many reasons. They also assist in increasing the visibility of the businesses, robust sales, improving accessibility, and contribute value to the customers.

Massive Sales Growth

A highly dedicated mobile app is a very new platform for the growth of the profits of the company. Customers can be highly motivated to purchase various products and services with more discounts, attractive promotions, and alluring push notifications. The original customers who have already installed the specified app can be contacted easily. For example, a company could send a text message of a unique and attractive offer to their old customers who are in proximity to their stores, with the help of newly developed geo-location technologies.

Better Customer Engagement

Using mobile apps can better strategies a lot. It can also be applied to keep the customers engaged. The offers, with unique features or any such benefits, can be easily showcased to the customers and so. And If there are any particular gentle reminders for any specific customer, the apps will automatically send it to them. Customers can easily access any information instantly on their fingertips and stay connected to the businesses.

Improved Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

A significant number of purchases are already influenced by the new customer experience alone. If they are treated as very important, they will always feel respected and emotionally connected to the leading brand. This will ensure customer loyalty and many more. Mobile apps also provide a more alluring channel to provide seamless customer service. A more customized mobile app will surely increase interaction with targeted customers. The more it is exposed to the customers get to your brand, the higher their chances of purchase become and thus leading to higher sales growth. Brand loyalty is strengthened with the most common direct communication platform.