Best SEO Tips 2019

SEO strategies and the tools for it is developing day by day. Besides so many SEO techniques, it’s grown into almost impossible to specify which ones to hold to and which you can safely scorn. As there 100’s of Google algorithm’s are updating year by year. As we entered into 2019’s, the last Algorithm update put forward by Google as on January 6th and so many webmasters reported the search traffic reports falls down. Commencing improving factors of their websites to signing up for dynamic SEO analytics platforms, beginners can simply use the same techniques as well as tools as like what SEO experts do. Here are some of best SEO tips beginners wish to use to get an advance start in 2019.

Top 5 Best SEO Tips 2019

~ Build Internal Backlinks
~ Remove that makes your site slower
~ Pick a Fast loading Theme
~ Write Unique meta descriptions
~ Ignore Irrelevant External Backlinks

~ Build Internal Backlinks can increase the PA as well as it boosts up the other post reach in search results. Make sure that, the internal links you were added is most relevant to the content you were done. Remove all sort of broken links from your site that make any bad host or 500 error to make the performance of your site better.

~ Remove that makes your site slower, what it may be plugins or any code or any share button or something. The Google speed test, as well as the Gtmetrix test, will help you to identify, what makes your site slowing down while comparing with the competitors. Even you can pick the Best SEO Company or pick the best SEO expert to make it done for you.

~ Pick a Fast Loading Theme will increase the trust of Google search In term of SEO, the fast loading themes will definitely increase the Page ranking and even it helps in building an external link back to your site from other related niche websites as well if you got a powerful content in it.

~ Write Unique meta descriptions, what Google loves the most. Google hates duplicate contents. description or whatever makes the search plagiarized. If you see, like a website ranking on this particular description and you were forced to make it for your site. As the Google spiders are most intelligent and they will identify the duplicate description what you adapted. This will surely drop your ranking position as well, where revenge you in the first page or not. It doesn’t matter in the eyes of Google.

~ Ignore Irrelevant External Backlinks are important part of SEO. by adding external backlink means, not only you were giving them a backlink from your site. It will advances, the site trust if you make the same. Writing a copy of some article and publishing to it google makes the nonsense approach. Even though, adding like “This article says so” and add the external link to it make some sense in SEO 2019.