Current statistics of Mobile App development

In this era of advanced technology, things have got down to even smaller screen from computers, that are our mobile phones. For almost every site or games there is an equivalent mobile app that is available in the market where consumers can easily access it via their personal phones which is portable and with them 24*7. But nowadays, the statistics is quite dreadful which indicates over half of all mobile apps on the market today will have to be completely replaced or rewritten in the next two years. This scary statistic highlights that there is a very complex, resource-rich and problem some process involved in making a mobile app successful.

It would be great that we take into consideration some facts that make the app development complicated. First of all, the mobile apps should be simple, single-serving gateways into the larger, more complex offerings of a business or enterprise website because the end users are always common people who access it for their easiness. Another toughest parts of the mobile app creation process is creating a public-facing API that gives consumers access to your data and functionality. This process normally takes 12-24 months. Anytime developers deal with access permissions and exposing business logic, they assume a large risk and multiply the layers of complexities. The more you can create without exposing logic via APIs, the more the solution will be.

Mobile app development in Kerala is expensive, and time-consuming. Even when the long, complicated process is over, only half the battle has been done. Gaining exposure in the industry over your competitors in a saturated market is no easy task and requires even more investment. Marketing your app like no other apps should be given utmost importance. So to gain success in mobile app development it would be great developers give a thought on these facts.

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