Growth Hacking v/s Old School Marketing: 6 Growth Hacks you must implement:

Yep, we are all familiar with various marketing strategies and campaigns that have been tried and tested throughout the years. But with the vast majority of companies employing the same worn out strategies, it is time for fresh schemes to be devised. How can you stand a step ahead of your competitor even though you are relatively new in the market? How can you increase your reach far and wide and attract customers you never even knew existed?

That’s where growth hacking steps in! A growth hacker is different from the other marketers such that help you grow, more than steadily.. almost exponentially! Coined by Sean Ellis back in 2010,” A growth hacker is a person whose true north is growth”.  To achieve such results, a growth hacker thinks different from other marketers. Growth hacking was born out of a need to facilitate the development of startups, to impart them initial attention and brand awareness for their rapid advancement. Netstager is a prominent Digital Agency in Kozhikode that can help you prosper with growth hacking strategies that will elevate your business. Given below are a few growth hacking strategies that we have employed to produce successful results.

1. Site Speed:

With competitors just a click away, your page should load as fast as possible, because customers can’t wait. An average human being’s attention span is less than a goldfish’s which means that it is fewer than 8 secs. In fact, “a 1 second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions.”

If you want be fast, your page load time should be under 2 seconds. This sweet spot works for most sites at a reasonable cost.

2. Social Proof:

Yup, social proof should be clearly visible on all of your pages. Home pages, landing pages, sign ups, thank you pages.. everywhere! Even though we may not realize it, we often seek help or reassurance by observing others around us. When you see many people reaping profits after choosing a specific product or following a certain path, you’re more inclined to choose the same, when it comes to business.

3. Testimonials and Logos:

Add lots of customer statistics and reviews so that potential customers are presented with social proof. Showcase the benefits others have attained after they have deployed your product or services. You can do this through case studies that describe the customer’s problem and demonstrate how you, your product/ services came to the rescue. Similarly incorporate logos of other prominent clients that will ring a bell in other’s minds. Also, don’t forget to include big media sources that have talked about you. If you are still a startup, use famous logos of products and services that you or your product work with.

4. New User Experience (NUX)

New customers are essential for any business to thrive. Now, do you treat a new customer exactly as how you treat your old customers? Then, you’ve got it wrong. Similarly, how do you treat users who have subscribed for a free trial of yours? All these are critical aspects for you to create a first impression that is powerful enough to leave an impact on new customers.  All new users should be treated to a New User Experience (NUX) so as to easily get them acquainted with your product/ services. This can be done through quick and effective tours of your product/services and newsletters that provide valuable content and other offers.

5. Minimal Home Pages

Chances for users to enter your site through the homepage is very slim. Most users stumble on to you site through SEO pages or through other pages which were shared. If the user is interested in your site, they’ll most probably check out your home page. And, this where you should retain your customer.  With multiple videos, hundreds of links, multiple calls to action, and other general mess of random stuff, people are confused most of the time. Give them a reason to stay by displaying your most essential elements in the best way possible. Leaders in the industry such as Dropbox, Quora, Facebook, Twitter etc have played by this principle and have achieved enormous success rates too.

6. Viral Loops

Create Viral Loops! A viral loop is a group of customers that bring back another set of customers back to you. If you have a viral coefficient of 1, that means that on average, each customer gets one more person to also become a customer. We realize that not all products can have an element of virality in it, but you can acquire a large number of users through campaigns such as refer-a-friend which apps like Tez and PhonePe have successfully demonstrated.

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