SEO Trends in 2018

Now it’s not that simple to handle all the SEO work alone. If you are running an industry and is really serious about its website ranking, then you definitely need to hire an SEO company for handling your SEO works efficiently. There are certain factors you need to keep in mind to hire a better SEO company.

Mobile First Index

Google has developed Mobile First Index last year, and now is completely prepared to filter out websites which are non-compatible with its algorithm. There is an urgent need for your websites to be mobile friendly because nearly 60% of the searches are done through mobile devices. Mobile first index will make the ranking based on how mobile friendly is a website content.

Voice Search

It is very important to optimize your website content for voice search. Recently Google announced that voice search in mobile queries are at a continuous hike. It is much difficult to optimize a website for voice search as you need to analyse and test the user behaviour completely. Almost every smartphone has a virtual assistance now and are about to be an alternative for search engine, especially on mobile devices.

Content also matters

Earlier there wasn’t any need of much content. But at present scenario, it’s not the quantity but the quality of the content that matters. Your SEO is very much depended on the content of the website. Google has a strong algorithm that detects a spammed content and throw you out of Google search without any warning.

Artificial Intelligence

After the introduction of rank brain, google has now come up with cloud vision API which enable numerous searches. AI doesn’t change much in the way of long-term SEO strategies. The goal of a machine-learning algorithm is to predict similarly as humans.

The prevalence of AI, the political efforts, warnings against manipulative guest posts and distracting advertisements represents an upcoming change. To compete in future focus on a long term SEO strategy. Netstager is a leading web design and Mobile App Developers and also one of the Best SEO Company in India you can business upon.

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