What should you ask a developer before you hand over your project?

Even though a website may be appealing on the front end, there are a lot of things that requires efficient implementation behind its surface. Good developers can be hard to find and when you catch hold of one, make sure that you ask them these questions! A developer’s work history, development and testing standards and post delivery services really matter.

Here are certain questions a client mustn’t fail to ask:

1) Standards

Be it mobile application development or website application development, certain standards have to be followed throughout. They ensure faster and smoother webpages that have no place for security breaches. Proper W3C standards along with HTML, XML, XHTML, DOM and the general purpose, cross platform language ECMA Script all are individually and unanimously important.

2) Designed for SEO:

Yes, the prime purpose of your website is to promote brand awareness, bring in leads and increase conversion. For this, your website has to rank better in google. This requires efforts from the developer side in the form of SEO plugins, URLs and SEO friendly content. SEO and development go hand in hand.

3) Incorporating future changes:

If you think the job is done once the code is built, you’ve got it wrong. With technological advancements progressing at an alarming rate, upgradation and even occasional revamps of your website may be needed. Failing to do so, you’ll fall back in the market giving your competitors a chance to surge ahead. Thus design and redesign is equally important.

4) Thorough testing

Testing of all phases in SDLC, is indeed an important one. You are unaware of the potential errors or bugs until the website or app has undergone thorough testing. Different test cases must be presented to the program and ensured that they’ve aced them all. Even a client can suggest various test cases so as to make sure that no area is left off.

5) Post- Deployment Services

There are chances for occasional technological glitches even though the website has been built on strong foundations. Certain factors such as bandwidth come into play once deployed. For this, seek assurance from the developers that they are willing to do post delivery services free of cost or at nominal fees and are always available when called.

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